International Vests for David Mansfield and William Maunsell

The Club is delighted with the news that both David Mansfield and William Maunsell will earn their first international vests in the Antrim Coast Half Marathon on August 28th. This is brilliant news as these two members have trained well over the past couple of years and it is great to see such hard work being rewarded.

To make the Irish team of four these two athletes had to qualify, David qualified when running that brilliant race in the Seville Marathon last February, there he ran a County and Club record time of 2 hours 16 mins 8 secs, and well inside the qualifying time of 2 hours 20 mins. Then last May William Maunsell also put in a brilliant performance when winning the Tipperary Water 10k race here in Clonmel on the banks of the Suir, clocking 29 mins 55 secs, a course record, and also well inside the qualifying time of 30 mins 10 secs. Since then, William has produced some very good performances on the road scene this year as he sets his sights on his first Half Marathon and what a place to do it, representing your country in this Antrim International event.

To add more good Club news to this event, both these athletes are coached by Sean Tobin, their fellow club member and a first for him, having two of his athletes winning international vests.