Clonmel Senior Notes August 2017

Clonmel Senior Athletic Club Notes for August 2017

Clonmel Senior Athletic Club Notes 6th August

Great running at the Galtee 8K

This popular race took place last Friday night where conditions were ideal and athletes had a new route, a course a lot easier than the old one. It was great to see it well supported by the Club as the Galtee Runners are great supporters of our events throughout the year. We had good performances from Neil proven who was 49th in 33 mins, Ned O Brien was 85th in 35:40, Eddie Prendergast 125th in 39:06, Mellissa McCarthy 135th in 39:42 and Myles McHugh 180th in 44:22.


Great performances at Clogheen 5K

The Clogheen 5K Road Race took place last Thursday night and it was great to see the Club well represented in this Club promotion. Jimmy Boland underlined his recent good form when finishing 4th in 17 mins 23 secs. Conor Fleming also ran well when finishing 7th in 18 mins 16 secs to win the over 50 award. Billy Moloney will also be pleased with his performances which saw him finishing 11th in 18 mins 35 secs. We also had good performances from Richard O Gorman 13th in 18:48, Joey Feery 15th in 18:55, Alan Carter 19th in 19:15, Pat O Connor 20th in 19:16, Bohus Jarabek 22nd in 19:24, Cyril Fogarty 27th in 19:56, John Perry 28th in 19:59, Neil Proven 29th in 20:03, Aine Roche 30th in 20:06, Vincent McHugh 32nd in 20:15, John Laste 34th in 20:29, Donal Ryan 36th in 20:35, Siobhan McHugh 40th in 20:47,  Michelle Doherty 41st in 20:49, Eamonn English 46th in 21:40, Ned O Brien 48th in 22:05, Eddie Prendergast 56th in 23:33, Mellissa McCarthy 71st in 25:06, Cathy Mansfield 77th in 26:06, Myles McHugh running as good as ever when finishing 91st in 27:56 to win the over 70 award, Marguerite O Halloran 101st in 28:39, Donna Nagle 108th in 30:25, Karen Dunne 109th in 30:29, Aine Ryan 112th in 31:14 and Dawn Ahearne 118th in 32:56.


Clonmel Senior Athletic Club Notes 12th August

Kevin Maunsell wins the Streets of Galway 8K

Kevin Maunsell ran a fantastic race tonight to wins the Streets of Galway 8k race in 23 mins 43 secs edging out Freddie Heron Sittuk of Raheny shamrocks by 2 secs with Hugh Armstrong of Ballina 3rd in 24 mins 7 secs. The race attracted a fantastic entry of 2489 finishers.


Clonmel Senior Athletic Club Notes 20th August

Herlihy wins Boston Scientific Half Marathon

The 8th promotion of the Boston Scientific Half Marathon took place in good running conditions with a record entry of 800 athletes. The race started on the Bypass and soon the pace was set by Michael Herlihy of North Cork AC and he soon opened a commanding lead on the chasing pack as he went through 5 miles in 25 mins, 9 miles in 46 mins and 11 miles in 57 mins. At this stage Conor McCauley of Lee vale AC was making major inroads into the pace set by Michael and the stage was set for a grand finish. However, Michael sensing that Conor was closing on him, upped the pace again as he approached the 12 miles mark and this strong effort saw him come home a very worthy and convincing winner in 71 mins 31 secs, this was a brilliant run by Michael as he now sets his sights on the Frankfurt Marathon at the end of October. Then we had Conor McCauley of Lee vale finishing very strongly in 2nd place in 71 mins 44 secs, brilliant running. Then we had William Stephens of Coolquill AC also putting in a brilliant performance when finishing 3rd in 72 mins 9 secs with Michael Morgan of St Finbarr’s Ac 4th in 72 mins 23 secs followed by his club mate Joe Cunningham in 73 mins 35 secs. The Master Men categories were won by the following athletes: Jeremy O Donovan (Eli Lilly) was 1st over 40 in 75 mins 1 secs with Derek Walsh of Carrick on Suir 2nd in 75 mins 35 secs. John Murphy (Cahir) was 1st over 45 in 80 mins 30 secs with Sean Percy of Templemore 2nd in 81 mins 47 secs. Declan Doyle (Kinsale) was 1st over 50 in 80 mins 21 secs with Michael Dunford (West Waterford AC) 2nd in 83 mins 36 secs. Jerry Boyle (Bantry AC) was 1st over 55 in 93 mins 34 sec with Martin lynch (Ballincollig AC0 2nd in 97 mins 49 secs. Jeremiah McCarthy of mallow Ac was 1st over 60 in 107 mins 49 secs with Michael Fottrell (United Striders) 1st over 65 in 151 mins 31 secs.

The women’s race also saw a very convincing performance with Aoife Cook (Youghal AC) running a brilliant race when winning in a time of 76 mins 57 secs with Linda Grogan of Dundrum AC, who was 3rd last year improved to finish 2nd this year with another great performance of 88 mins 5 secs. Then we had Joan Ennis of Grange Fermoy also running very well when finishing 3rd in 88 32 secs with Orla O Rourke of Ballymore Cobh finishing 4th in 91 mins 55 secs and Siobhan McHugh keeping the home Club colours flying when finishing 5th women over all in 92 mins 14 secs. The Master Women award wines were as follows: 1st over 35 Sandra Manning (Eagle AC0 93 mins 58 secs, 2nd Tirone Morrison (Clonmel) 96 mins 29 secs, 1st over 40 was Ellen Hanley (Grange Fermoy AC) 93 mins 30 secs and 2nd was Michelle Doherty (Clonmel AC0 98 mins 16 secs, 1st over 45 was Sinead O Brien (Kilmore AC) 100 mins 29 secs and 2nd was Madeline Doyle (Brendan Doyle Running) in 101 mins 43 secs. Anna Byrne (Clonmel Triathlon Club) was 1st over 50 in 98 mins 42 secs with Stephanie Lesley (Youghal AC) 1st over 55 in 99 mins 25 secs and Padraigin Riggs (Bishopstown) 1st over 60 in 136 mins 1 sec.

At the Presentation of Prizes, the Club Chairperson, Nicola Maunsell, thanked everyone who helped in any way to make this year’s event our most successful to date. She thanks Boston Scientific for once again sponsoring this great sporting event, the Gardai and the Civil Defence along with our many stewards who ensured that the whole event was well managed. She also thanked LIT for the use of their fine facilities and, Terry and Michael for all their help. She also thanked Riverrock, Glanbia, Tipperary Water, Clonmel Waste and Clonmel Oil for all their support.


Great Club performances in Boston Scientific Half Marathon


The Club promoted our most successful Boston Scientific Half Marathon to date with a record entry of 800 athletes. The Club would like to thank our many many stewards and helpers who ensured that the whole event was well organised from the first road sign being put down at the unearthly hour of 6am to the last sandwich prepared by our team for the big event, such help and assistance is very much appreciated and there was a fantastic atmosphere throughout the whole event. The LIT campus was a hive of activity on Saturday and Sunday. Then to cap it all off we had some brilliant performances from our Club members over this Classic distance. David Ryan led the home Club charge when running very well to finishing 9th in 76:38 with Joey Feery also running very well to finish 44th in 86:01, we also had very good performances from Richard O Gorman 52nd in 87:17, Eddy O Donoghue 60th in 88:15, James Denn 63rd in 88:26 and improving greatly on last year’s run of 91:08, Shane Greene who paced his group very well when finishing 79th in 89:53, Siobhan McHugh who was 5th Female in 92:14 and improving on last year’s performance of 93:45, Cyril Fogarty 119th in 94:21, Bohus Jarabek 122nd in 94:32, Vincent McHugh 125th in 94:37, John Perry 127th in 95:02 and greatly improving on last year’s performance of 101:25, Peter Kiely 133rd in 95:40, Noel Ryan 149th in 97:32, Alan O Shea 160th in 98:02, Billy Prout 161st in 98:03, Michelle Doherty who was 2nd over 40 in 98:16 and greatly improving on last year’s performances of 101:27, , Kenny Brett 169th in 98:19 and also improving on last year’s performance of 100:26, Dan O Keeffe 182nd in 99:05, Pat O Connor who along with Noel Gillman paced their group very well when finishing in 99:31, Sean O Dea 201st in 100:23 and improving greatly on last year’s run of 105:59, Pat Coffey 207th in 100:40, John Laste 224th in 102 mins, John Griffin 226th in 102:16 and greatly improving on last year’s run of 118 mins, Emmet Prendergast 227th in 102:16, Sheila Perry 244th in 103:58, Ciara Gibney 248th in 104:04, Pat Walsh 255th in 104:28 and improved greatly on last year’s run of 107:45, Ned O Brien 316th in 109:05, Niall Brannigan and Mark Corcoran also done a get effort in pacing their group to 109:19 and 109:44 respectively, Keith Robinson 362nd in 112:09, Paul Higgins 372nd in 112:15, Edmund Prendergast 376th in 113:19 and a big improvement on last years’ run of 138:55, Michael Ryan 386th in 113:40, Lizzie Ryan 387th in 113:48, Sancha Quigley 395th in 114:42, Caroline O Donoghue 115:15, Bernie Hopkins 409th in 115:25, Nicola O Gorman 419th in 116:22, Mellissa McCarthy 421st in 116:26, Sinead Kennedy 449th in 118:56, Julie Tideswell 460th in 119:31 and improving greatly on last year’s run of 121:40, Deirdre Fahey 461st in 119:31, Aine Butler 466th in 119:41 and a big improvement on last years’ run of 136:48, Brian Tyrell, and Miriam O Gorman also done a great job in pacing their group to 120:51, Michael Egan 493rd in 122:14, Sarah Toomey 504th in 124:14 and a big improvement on last year’s run of 130:17, Clare O Brien on her debut ran very well when finishing 506th 124:15, Helen O Ceallaigh 508th in 124:33, Cathy Mansfield 522nd in 125:22 and a major improvement on last year’s run of 138:31, Josephine Brett 523rd in 125:22, Aisling Cooney on her debut ran very well when finishing 556th in 129:41, Anne McGarry 575th in 130:48, Claire Kerton 633rd in 142:01, Claire Falvey 634th in 142:36, Marguerite O Halloran 672nd in 159:07, Jason Lyons 662nd in 159:07 and great performances from our debutants Michelle Higgins 672nd in 177:31 and Maria Barry 673rd in 177:31.