Clonmel Senior Notes September 2017

Clonmel Senior Athletic Club Notes for September 2017

Clonmel Senior Athletic Club Notes 3rd September

Kealey wins Women’s 10 mile in Clonakilty

The very popular Clonakilty 10 Mile took pace recently and Kealey Tideswell ran a brilliant race when winning the women’s race over a good course in 70 min 6 secs. This was a great performance by Kealey. Then we had Julie Tideswell also running very well when finishing 77th in 88 mins 38 secs.

Great performances in the Grange Fermoy 4 mile

This popular event took place last week. Here Aine Roche showed a welcome return to form when finishing 3rd woman in 25 mins 31 secs. Then we had Ned O Brien also running well when winning the over 60 award in 28 mins 22 secs.

Great performances in the West Waterford Greenway Half Marathon

This new event took place last weekend with close to 400 athletes competing. Nigel O Flaherty ran very well when finishing 2nd Over 40 in 11th place in 78 mins 37 secs, great to see Nigel running so well as he sets his sights on the Dublin City Marathon, where we hope to have a good Master Men’s team competing. We also had good performances from Eddy O Donoghue 35th in 87 mins 56 secs, Tom Butler 113th in 110 mins 50 secs, Emmet Prendergast 101 mins 44 secs, a PB over this distance, Caroline O Donoghue 179th in 110 mins 15 secs, Rebecca Doocey 223rd in 116 mins 27 secs, Michael Doocey 229th in 116 mins 48 secs and Aine Butler 249th in 118 mins 24 secs.

Clonmel AC on tour at Dingle Full & Half Marathon
Conditions were extremely wet & windy in Dingle on Saturday 2nd September for the 1700 half marathon & 755 marathon runners. In the full marathon John Laste (3:34:21) & Dan O’Keeffe (3:41:25) both had a exceptional run considering the course & conditions.
In the Half Marathon David Ryan (1:19:14) was 5th overall, another great run by David who drove over 3hrs that morning to take part. Pat Walsh (1:48:10) was also in flying form and the hills didn’t bother him at all. He was followed by Anthony Power (1:51:18) who was thrilled with his run having just returned from injury, this has given him the confidence he needed to keep training for the Dublin Marathon in October. Lizzie Ryan (1:55:16) was the first of our ladies home followed by Nicola Maunsell (2:00:50) who even managed to taken some photos on route! Jacqui Walsh (2:35:22) also thoroughly enjoyed her run having met a great bunch of runners to chat with along the scenic route. Everyone really enjoyed the experience in Dingle.

County 10 Mile Road Championships

This Championship for both Men and Women takes place in Ballynonty on this Sunday, 10th September, at 11am, the Online entries closes on this Thursday night, so Club members, interested in competing, please contact Niall O Sullivan by 6pm on this Thursday night if you are interested in competing.

Clonmel Athletic Club Notes – 10th September

Great Club performances at County 10 Mile

The County 10 Mile Senior and Master Road Championships took place in Ballynonty last Sunday and it was great to see the Club colours very well represented as many members were using this race as part of their Dublin City Marathon training. Conor Fleming ran very well when finishing 21st in 62:43 to win the over 50 Silver medal,  a big improvement on last year’s performance of 63:54. Then we had Joey Feery also running well when finishing 28th in 64:37. We also had good performances from Lar Martin 35th in 67:14, Bohus Jarabek 37th in 67:59, Alan Carter 38th in 68:51, Aine Roche ran very well to win the Senior Women’s bronze medal when finishing 41st in 70:25, Dan O Keeffe ran a PB when finishing 50th in 73:38,  a massive improvement on last year’s run of 75:54, Billy Prout was 52nd in 74:04, another athlete who has made a massive improvement in the past 12 months as he ran 77:13 over this course and distance last year, Michelle Doherty also ran very well when winning the women’s over 40 Gold medal when finishing 56th in 75:38, Donal Casey also ran very well when finishing 62nd in 78:54, John Laste was 64th in 80:46, Ned O Brien also ran well when winning the over 60 Bronze medal by finishing 65th in 81:25, Marian Flaherty also ran very well when finishing 66th in 81:40, Aisling English making her debut in this Championship also ran very well when finishing 67th in 82:09, Deirdre Fahey also ran very well when winning the women’s over 50 Gold Medal in 88:58 and here is another athlete who has shown a massive improvement in 12 months as she ran 90:14 in last year’s race and Nicola Maunsell also ran very well when winning the women’s over 45 Silver medal in 89:26.

In the team event our men’s team of Alan Carter, Dan O Keeffe and Billy Prout won the Bronze medals in the B section. Our ladies team also performed very well with our trio of Aine Roche, Michelle Doherty and Marian Flaherty winning the Inter Club Silver medals, while our team of Aisling English, Deirdre Fahey and Nicola Maunsell win the Inter Club Bronze medals. It was great to see Aisling English, Alan Carter and Dan O Keeffe winning their first County Senior medals, great performances all round.


Great North Run

This very popular Half Marathon took place last Sunday and Jimmy Boland ran a brilliant race when finishing 86th in 76 mins 56 secs and recorded a PB over this distance in the process, great running.


Cross Country

Last Sunday saw the end of the County Road Championship season for 2017 and it was great to see so many members competing on Club teams in the various County Championships with many of them winning their first County medal in the process.

On October 1st the County Cross Country Championship season opens with the County Novice Ladies 3k and Men’s 6k races down for decision near Two Mile Borris. This is an ideal opportunity for members to take a break from pounding the roads and do some Cross Country running on softer and easier ground.

The image that most people have of Cross Country is of muddy and plough fields, too tough for the average Club runner to participate in. However it is worth considering what benefits Cross Country can have for one’s running, such as

  1. It is a welcome change from training on the hard road surface. It is recommended that athletes and runners train regularly on grass as such training can be very beneficial to help the body recover from the hard running on the road, even one session a week can help the body to recover as well as help prevent injury.
  2. After a decent season of cross country behind you, you’ll feel re-invigorated and fresh for another Spring and Summer on the roads and no doubt a few PB’s will be in the offing. It also offers something different to the sport of running.
  3. Cross Country is a welcome change if you feel you are becoming a little stale or even bored with the road running scene, especially after a long summer racing and training on the road. A change is as good as a rest as they say!
  4. If you’ve made the effort to run on the road then why not try the cross country, it will offer a welcome alternative to the roads.
  5. The likes of Dick Hooper and Jerry Kiernan, two of our most successful and best known names from the past would be strong advocates of a decent cross country season and the benefits to be gained from it. “The strength built up in the winter will stand you in good stead for the summer”, is a common mantra from middle and long distance athletics coaches the world over.


Why not try and participate in a Cross Country race this year, You will be competing along with the majority of people that you have met over the summer months at the local races be it in Ballingarry, Thurles, Ballynonty, Dundrum, Clonmel or Carrick on Suir.

In Cross Country the distances are shorter, so anyone who competed over 10k in the Summer will be able to participate over the Novice Cross Country distances where it is 3K for Ladies and 6K for Men, this would be an ideal opportunity for those with no previous experience of the Cross Country scene. In Tipperary the Cross Country season gets underway on October 1st. So why not over the next couple of weeks try and get in a few training runs on grass. It will be hard at first adjusting to running on grass but persevere and soon you will develop a more economical running style that will benefit you. For the first few training session, run for 20 to 30 minutes and if possible, try and train close to a hill as this will add variety to your training. Definitely Cross Country will benefit you in the long run!!



Clonmel Athletic Club Notes – 17th September

Charleville Half Marathon performances

This very popular Half Marathon took place last Sunday and it was great to see some very good performances by our members as they set their sights on the upcoming Dublin City Marathon. We had good performances from Billy Moloney 138th in 85 mins 6 secs, Richard O Gorman 154th in 86 mins 30 secs, Eddy O Donoghue 171st 87 mins 10 secs, Noel Gillman 214th in 88 mins 54 secs, Neil Proven 268th in 91 mins 35 secs, Siobhan McHugh ran very well when finishing 2nd over 45 in 92 mins 58 secs, Donal Ryan 311th in 93 mins 51 secs, Niall Brannigan 356th in 96 mins 11 secs, Anthony Power 538th in 104 mins 18 secs and Caroline O Donoghue 629th in 108 mins 15 secs.


Medieval Marathon races performances

These races took place in Kilkenny last Saturday and it was great to see Club members running well. In the 30K race Nigel O Flaherty underlined his good form when finishing 2nd in 1 hours 54 mins 35 secs as he sets his sights on the Dublin City Marathon. Then we had Joey Feery also running very well when finishing 5th in 2 hours 1 min 25 secs and he too can look forward to a good performance in Dublin Marathon.

In the Half Marathon we had good performances from Grainne O Malley who was 77th in 1 hour 51 mins 51 secs and Ian Patterson who was 88th in 1 hour 53 mins 56 secs. In the Marathon John Laste also ran very well when finishing 26th in 3 hours 41 mins 34 secs. I am sorry if I left any other Club members out of the report as the results didn’t show any Club names which is a pity.


J J Reddy Half Marathon Performances

This popular race took place last Sunday. Here we had good performances from James Denn who was 23rd in 1 hour 27 mins 28 secs, Alan Carter who was 52nd in 1 hour 33 mins 51 secs, Emmet Prendergast who was 80th in 1 hour 38 mins 35 secs, Kenny Brett who was 88th in 1 hour 39 mins 40 secs, Josephine Brett who was 270th in 2 hours 7 mins 19 secs, Cathy Mansfield who was 271st in 2 hours 7 mins 19 secs, Lorraine Kennedy who was 293rd in 2 hours 12 mins 35 secs and Catherine Ryan who was 334th in 2 hours 47 mins 42 secs.


Dara Fitzpatrick 5k Performances

This event took place at the Waterford Airport last Saturday and Aine Roche ran very well when winning the women’s race by finishing 7th overall in 19 mins 47 secs. We also had good performances from Gemma Murphy 441st in 30 mins 38 secs and Catherine Ryan 749th in 35 mins 48 secs.


County Novice Cross Country

The Turnpike, near Two Mile Borris is the venue on Sunday 1st October for the County Novice Women 3k and men 6k Cross Country Championships, entries close on Wednesday 27th September, so can intending Club members please contact Niall O Sullivan by Tuesday 26th September.


Clonmel Athletic Club Notes 25th September

Great Club Performances in Tipperary Women’s Mini Marathon

The Tipperary Women’s Mini Marathon took place in Clonmel today in very good conditions. It was great to see 47 members taking part while we had a similar number of members stewarding along the route and we really appreciate their help in ensuring that the whole event was a brilliant success. The course used today was the same course used for the Annerville 10k in May and it is great to see the improvement some of our members have made since the first week in May.  In the race Aine Roche ran very well also in the leading group and she kept that pace going to finish 3rd in 41 mins 14 secs, geat running. Then we had Michelle Doherty also running very well when finishing 7th in 44 mins 16 secs while Ailish Mansfield made a brilliant return to running when finishing 10th in 45 mins 4 secs with Courtney McGuire also running very well when finishing 15th in 46 mins 18 secs and a massive improvement on her May run of 47:21. We also had very good performances from Aisling English 28th in 48:41, another athlete who has improved a lot over the summer months as she ran 49:21 in May, Kate Wall 43rd in 50:18, Sancha Quigley 55th in 52:03, Gloria Boles 67th in 52:38, Silvia McGee 69th in 52:55 and a massive improvement on her May performance of 58:18, Bernie Hopkins 70th in 52:56, Aisling Cooney 103rd in 56:09, Mary O Gorman 107th in 56:23, Tracy Gibson 114th in 56:56, Sandra Laycock Flack 151st in 58:44, Carol Tobin 156th in 58:51, Gillian Prendergast 165th in 59:23 and a massive improvement on her May performance of 60:02, Tine Crotty 172nd in 59:53, Jennifer Davey 176th in 59:59, Claire Kerton 191st in 60:35, Ruth Gibbs 200th in 60:58, Lorraine Kennedy 201ST in 61:07, Marguerite O Halloran 204th in 61:18 and a massive improvement on her Annerville run of 63:57, Sabrina Guida 215th in 62:37, Michelle Hannafin 226th in 63:14, Karen Dunne 257th in 65:12, Joyce Cullinan 271st in 65:52, Georgina Gilligan 272nd in 65:52, Frances Fahey 274th in 65:53, Geraldine Daly 304th in 67:48, Claire Walsh 313rd in 68:31, Jackie Hickey 347th in 71:45, Dee Kaar 349th in 71:56, Amanda Williams 376th in 74:20, Anne Gaughran 378th in 74:27, Sinead Walsh 379th in 74:27, Jennie Hannigan 381st in 74:45, Colette Hogan 385th in 75:20, Majella Quinlivan 427th in 80:43, Siobhan Healy 433rd in 81:43, Breeda Marnane 452nd in 83:12, Helen Cahill 473rd in 85:49, Claire Courtney 483rd in 87:35, Claire O Neill 484th in 87:36, Michelle Higgins 543rd in 92:38, Aifric Byrne 621st in 101:36 and Maria Barry 625th in 101:523.

Berlin Marathon

The Berlin marathon took place last Sunday where conditions were very warm. Brian Tyrell ran very well in such conditions when finishing in 4 hours 21 mins 15 secs.


Cross Country

The Cross Country season gets underway on October 1st with the County Novice Women 3K and Men’s 6k Championship races taking place at the Turnpike at 1.15pm. Hopefully the Club will have teams in both the Women’s race and the Men’s race. The programme starts at 12 noon with the Juvenile Even Age groups Championships, where the Club will be very well represented.