Great start to Morrison BMW 6K Series

The Morrison BMW 6K series of road races got underway last Wednesday night on an ideal night for running. The race was a practise run over the route with the League getting underway in earnest next Wednesday night at 7pm. Tonight’s race attracted 138 athletes and it was great to see them all running the route well. The top 6 finishers tonight were 1st Anthony Bowen 21 mins 39 secs, 2nd James O Sullivan 21 mins 48 secs, 3rd Michael O Sullivan 22 mins 42 secs, 4th Nigel O Flaherty 23 mins 14 secs, 5th Lar Martin 23 mins 32 secs and 6th John Walsh 23 mins 43 secs. The 1st 6 women were 1st Claire Annan 24 mins 40 secs, 2nd Kealey Tideswell 24 mins 45 secs, 3rd Aine Roche 24 mins 52 secs, 4th Ailish Mansfield 25 mins 4 secs, 5th Suzanne Shine 25 mins 19 secs and 6th Anne Marie Boland in 26 mins 14 secs.

The Club would like to thank our many stewards who ensured that the whole event was successfully promoted. Can all participants please note that the wearing of headphones is totally forbidden for this series of races and anyone caught wearing them for the rest of these races will not count on their team and this can have drastic actions if a team has only three athletes and one of them is caught wearing a head phone, that team will be disqualified. This rule will be enforced to ensure the safety of everyone and there will be no exceptions.

Please note for next week’s race, Wednesday 28th March, everyone must collect their number at Colaiste Cheitinn and write down their predicted finishing time, before 6.50pm as the race will START at 7pm from Lidl. Also, anyone caught wearing a watch will also be disqualified.