Great performances at Mallow 10 Mile

This very popular race took place today in ideal conditions. David Ryan ran very well when finishing 17th and 3rd over 45 in 55 mins 58 secs and a good improvement on last year’s run of 60 mins 5 secs. We also had good performances from Kealey Tideswell when 9th woman in 67 mins 17 secs, Anthony Power 339th in 74 mins 47 secs, Sancha Quigley 496th in 80 mins 11 secs, Julie Tideswell 644th in 85 mins 5 secs, Brian Tyrell 759th in 88 mins 38 secs, Cathy Mansfield 791st in 89 mins 22 secs and a major improvement on last year’s performance of 102 mins 14 secs, Tara Guthrie 844th in 90 mins 55 secs, Sinead Kennedy 853rd in 91 mins 17 secs, Deirdre Fahey 1011th in 98 mins and Roberta Ryan 1026th in 98 mins 58 secs.