Clonmel Senior Notes for September 2016

Clonmel Senior Athletic Club Notes 11th September

William Stephens wins Kilsheelan 10K

The Kilsheelan 10K Road race took place last Sunday morning in dry and windy conditions. Right from the start a group of athletes including William Stephens (Coolquill AC), the Clonmel AC trio of Jimmy Boland, Colm Ryan and Joey Feery as well as Gareth McGlinchey (Dundrum AC) set the pace. As the race progressed William moved clear of the rest of the field and came home a worthy winner in 34 mins 23 secs. Then we had Jimmy Boland (Clonmel AC) finishing 2nd in 35 mins 17secs with Gareth McGlinchey (Dundrum AC) finishing 3rd in 35 mins 45 secs. The Master Men’s prize winners were as follows: 1st 0/40 Keith O Brien (Clonmel AC) in 37 mins 35 secs, 1st over 45 Cyril Fogarty (Clonmel AC)in 40 mins 49 secs and 1st 0/50 was John Joe Rogers (Sherlock AC) in 37 mins 54 secs.

The Women’s race was also a competitive event with Kealey Tideswell coming home a clear winner in 43 mins 35 secs with Angela Walsh (Clonmel AC) 2nd in 44 mins 29 secs and Stephanie Johnson Clonmel 3rd in 44 mins 31 secs. The Master Women’s prize winners were as follows: 1st 0/40 Michelle O Doherty (Clonmel AC) in 44 mins 41 secs, 1st 0/45 was Denise Donnelly (Clonmel) in 54 mins 33 secs and 1st 0/50 was Julie Tideswell (Clonmel AC) in 52 mins 59 secs.

There was also a 5k Fun Run walk that was also well supported.


Great Club performances in Kilsheelan Road Races

The Club promoted the Kilsheelan 10K Road Race last Sunday and it was great to see so many Club members taking part. This event was also part of the South Tipp Physio 500K team Challenge. The winner was William Stephens (Coolquill AC) in 34 mins 23 secs.

We had Jimmy Boland running well when finishing 2nd in 35 mins 17secs with Colm Ryan also running well when finishing 4th in 36 mins 49 secs. Then we had local athlete Keith O Brien running well to win the Men’s over 40 award when finishing 5th overall in 37 mins 35 secs with Joey Feery hot on his heels when 6th in 37:43. Ciaran Fahey also ran well when 8th in 39:10 with Corneilius McFadden 9th in 40:04 and Billy Moloney 10th in 40:09. Then we had Cyril Fogarty also running very well when winning the Men’s over 45 award in 40:49 when 12th overall.

We also had good performances from Tom Bourke 13th in 41:07, Nigel O Flaherty 16th in 42:26, James Denn 18th in 42:38, Mark Corcoran 19th in 42:43, Pat O Connor 20th in 42:52 and Donal Ryan 22nd in 43:30. Kealey Tideswell made a welcome return to running again when winning the Women’s race in 43 mins 35 secs, Noel Gillman 24th in 43:44, Daniel Kennedy 25th in 43:49, Tom Butler 26th in 43:51, Michael Ryan 27th in 43:53, Brian Carroll 28th in 44:23, Angela Walsh also ran very well when finishing 2nd Woman in 44 mins 29 secs, Michelle O Doherty also ran very well when winning the Women’s over 40 award in 44 mins 41 secs, Vincent McHugh 33rd in 44:47, John Laste 36th in 45:41, Kenny Brett 39th in 47:30, Jimmy Lonergan 43rd in 48:41, Maurice Boland 44th in 48:51, Noel Ryan 59th in 52:20, Julie Tideswell also ran very well when winning the Women’s over 50 award in 52 mins 59 secs, Brian Tyrell 65th in 53:14, Liam Ahearne 66th in 53:15, Keith Robinson 67th in 53:17, Nicole O Gorman 71st 54:42, Sinead Fahey 77th in 55:31, Sinead Kennedy 81st in 56:12, Lizzie Ryan 82nd in 56:12, Ian Patterson 83rd in 56:12, Mellissa McCarthy 84th in 56:13, Josephine Brett 86th in 57:21, Edmond Prendergast 88th in 59:36, Trish Prendergast 89th in 59:36, Noel Prendergast 90th in 59:37, Claire Kerton 102nd in 65:25, Cathy Mansfield 103rd in 65:25, Jackie Hickey 104th in 65:28, Fionnuala Kennedy 105th in 65:30, Mari Murphy Condon 107th in 68:08, Andrea Keenan 108th in 68:54 and Susan Laste 109th in 69:20.

There was also a 5k Fun Run walk that was also well supported and we had Carol Dowling finishing in 42:42.


Clonmel Senior Athletic Club Notes 18th September

Cross Country season

The Cross Country season gets underway on Sunday 2nd October at Turnpike, Two Mile Borris at 12 noon with the juvenile Even age groups followed immediately by the County Women’s 4k and Men’s 6k Cross Country Championships.


Great performances at the Charleville Half Marathon

The Charleville International Half Marathon took place today in trying conditions. David Ryan ran very well when winning the 3rd over 40 award in 74 mins 56 secs and was 22nd overall.  Jimmy Boland on his first trip over this route ran well when finishing 29th in 77 mins 1 sec and in the process set a new PB. We also had good performances from Ciaran Fahey also ran well when finishing 87th in 84:15, Eddy O Donoghue 130th in 87:23, Brian Long 148th in 88:31, Tom Bourke 151st in 88:40, Noel Gillman 183rd in 90:59, Pat Walsh 603rd 112:52, Caroline o Donoghue 611th in 113:18, Mellissa McCarthy 625th in 113:59, Brian Tyrell 626th 114:13, Deirdre Fahey 682nd in 118:21, Ian Patterson 701st in 119:14 and Cathy Mansfield 907th in 138:19, great performances all round.


The Danesfort Half Marathon

This event also took place today and here we had Colin Ryan running a great race when finishing 4th in a new PB of 78 mins 34 secs. Then we had Joey Feery also putting in a very good performance when finishing 9th in 82 mins 6 secs. Cyril Fogarty also ran well when finishing 21st in 88 mins 6 secs, James Denn 35th in 92:17 and Amanda Williams 198th in 133:43.


Clonmel Senior Athletic Club Notes 25th September

Aine Roche wins Tipperary Women’s Mini Marathon

The Tipperary Women’s Mini Marathon took place in Thurles today and it was great to see so many Club members competing. Aine Roche went with the early pace set by Lisa Healy of Moyne and as they approached the Thurles golf course Aine had moved into the lead with Linda Grogan and these two shared the pace for the next 4ks. Then as they entered Thurles Aine increased the pace and as they approached the Square in Thurles she had open a slight lead on Linda and she kept that pace going and over the final km, increased her lead to come home a very worthy winner in 39 mins 34 secs. This is the 7th running of this event and Aine has competed in all 7 races and her performances are as follows: 2010 – 4th, 2011 – 5th, 2012 – 5th, 2013 – 5th, 2014 – 6th, 2015 3rd and 2016 1st – some performances and such consistency.

Then we had Suzanne Shine also putting in a brilliant performance when finishing 5th in 42 mins 57 secs. We also had good performances from Michelle Doherty 10th in 44:24, Kealey Tideswell 11th in 44:37, Marian Flaherty 26th in 47:59, Julie Tideswell 50th in 52:03, Nicola Maunsell 73rd in 53:38, Breeda Marnane 95th in 54:57, Aifric Byrne 96th in 54:58, Josephine Brett 100th in 55:04, Sarah Twomey 121st in 55:54, Emer Mulcahy 132nd in 56:42, Tracy Gibson 155th in 57:38, Cathriona O Connor 168th in 58:31, Anne Gaughran 212th in 61:15, Jackie Hickey 257th in 64:32, Claire Falvey 272nd in 65:49, Monica Lambe 273rd in 65:49, Andrea Keenan 290th in 66:50 and Helen Cahill 405th in 82:42.


Berlin Marathon

This great event took place last Sunday and Dan O Keeffe ran a brilliant race when finishing in 3 hours 41 mins 25 secs.


County Novice Cross Country Championships

These Championships, 3k for Women and 6k for Men takes place on Sunday next at the Turnpike. Hopefully the Club will have teams in both the Women’s and Men’s races.