Numbers: 1, 5, 8, 25



Here are the lotto results done Online tonight, Jackpot not won.

On tonight’s lotto draw we had 3 people match 3 numbers normally the E100 is shared between the winners but seeing as it’s the 1st time we had 3 match 3 on our new online draw it gave E100 each.
We are more than happy to honour the e100 prize to our 3 individual winners but going forward it’s any match 3 numbers share E100 between them.
Congratulations to our match 3 winners and many thanks to all our supporters for continuing to support us with our new online lotto
New Jackpot is 12,800 Euros, next Draw on Friday 11th March, if you are not in you can’s win.
All monies from the Lotto goes towards our new development.