Great performances at Waterford half marathon

Waterford was the venue this weekend for their annual Half marathon which was held in good conditions. Many of the Club’s Dublin City marathon brigade made a welcome return to running at this event and looking at the performances they all seem to have recovered well from the marathon. Jimmy Boland underlined his good form with a brilliant run when finishing 21st in a new PB of 76 min 16 secs and greatly improving on his 2015 performance over this course of 78 mins 53 secs. We also had good performances from Eddy O Donoghue 145th in 88 mins 7 secs who was a Pacer for the event, Suzanne Shine 290th in 93 mins 54 secs, a big improvement on last year’s run of 94 mins 52 secs, Emmet Prendergast 330th in 95 mins 7 secs, Cyril Fogarty 336th in 95 mins 12 secs, Rebecca Doocey 356th in 95 mins 54 secs and a massive improvement on her 2015 performance when she ran 111 mins 54 secs, Alan O Shea 366th in 96 mins 16 secs, Niall Brannigan 374th in 96 mins 27 secs, Michelle Doherty 433rd in 98 mins and greatly improving on last year’s run of 98 mins 43 secs, Billy Prout, great to see Billy back running again after injury and he ran well when finishing 436th in 98 mins 1 sec, Siobhan McHugh 437th in 98 mins 1 sec, John Griffin 586th in 101 mins 9 secs, Keith Robinson 610th in 101 mins 49 secs, Kenny Brett 620th in 101 mins 55 secs, Noel Ryan 632nd in 102 mins 10 secs, Michael Ryan 633rd in 102 mins 10 secs, Alan Carter 657th in 102 mins 47 sec, Sean O Dea 804th in 106 mins 23 secs, Dan O Keeffe 818th in 106 mins 43 secs, Nicola Maunsell 930th in 108 mins 53 secs, Sancha Quigley 972nd in 109 mins 41 secs also ran another great performance when knocking over 5 mins off her previous best, Tom Barry 1047th in 111 mins 55 secs, Michael Doocey 1059th in 112 mins 11 secs, Brian Tyrrell 1070th in 112 mins 30 secs, Lillian Duffy 1076th in 112 mins 36 secs, Ned O Brien 1130th in 114 mins 6 secs, Pat Walsh 1179th in 115 mins 10 secs, Lizzie Ryan 1217th in 115 mins 50 secs, Mellissa McCarthy 1279th in 117 mins 12 secs, Deirdre Fahey 1286th in 117 mins 22 secs, Pauline Condon on her debut over this Classic distance ran very well when finishing 1337th in 118 mins 29 secs, Tina Crotty 1505th in 122 mins 51 secs, Sarah Twomey 1508th in 122 mins 52 secs, Jo Brett 1669th in 127 mins 57 secs, , Aisling Cooney is another athlete who ran very well in only her 2nd Half Marathon when finishing 1757th in 130 mins 40 secs and Jacqui Walsh 1937th in 138 mins 36 secs.