Clonmel AC 50th Anniversary Celebration Run – 2nd Week

This event is really taking off with entries now up to over 140 and still time to join in if you think you can achieve 50 miles or 80km by the 31st May, 6 weeks time. You can enter for this event by registering as a Guest at

and the necessary details will be sent out to you.

Back to the action and we saw brilliant progress been made by all the participants in week 2, which is often the hardest week to keep it going as the initial adrenalin in week one begins to seep away. As such it was great to see so many participants making great progress in week two and we still have plenty of time to achieve our goal with 6 weeks to go.

We are delighted to announce that our Achievers Club of 50 mile or 80km plus has now got 36 athletes inducted into it. So congrats to the following Achievers: Ellen Bolger, Niamh Browne, Martin Callanan, Rebecca Cassin, Brendan Coffey, Sandra Curran, Victor Direen, Rebecca Doocey, Michael Doocey, Marian Flaherty, Lena Griffin, Michelle Hannafin, Jackie Hickey, Sinead Kennedy, William Lonergan, Nicola Maunsell, Mary Claire McCarthy, Steve McGrath, Stephanie Molloy, Emma Murray, Yvonne O Connor, Jim O Donnell, Caroline O Donoghue, Eddy O Donoghue, Miriam O Gorman, Dan O Keeffe, Alan O Shea, Michael O Sullivan, Ian Patterson, Anthony Power, Neil Proven, Michael Ryan, Suzanne Shine, Hannah Steed and Brendan Walshe.

Looking down through the rest of the participants, all going well we will have another large contingent been inducted in week three, so the message is to keep it going all at your own pace and abiding by the HSE Covid 19 guidelines.