Map & Course Description #BSHM2019

The start is approx 1200m from the Race Headquarters – LIT Tipperary Institute on the Bypass (N24). The race will start on the Clonmel Bypass (N24) close to the bridge. The athletes will run up the Bypass to the Cahir Road Roundabout and on towards Barne. The first 2 miles is the steepest part of the course but the surface is very good. Then from 2 miles to 4.5 miles it is all downhill and flat, there is a slight incline for 300m before Mile 5 mark and then it is downhill for another mile and from 6 miles to 11 miles it is relatively flat. Here there is a steep incline for 400m to the Bypass. Once the athletes reach the Bypass it is downhill all the way to the finish on a very good smooth running surface. The finish is at the LIT Tipperary Institute on the Bypass.